Here's where we post periodic updates on what we've been up to at Fathom. Reflections on the interesting stories that emerge from our client work, side projects, after-hours rabbitholes, and other miscellaneous threads of inquiry.

GE Data Visualization
GE has just launched two visualization sites. We worked on the design for the first, which is an easy to access resource of the work they've been doing over the past year across healthymagination and ecomagination and can be found here: ge.com/visualization.
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Shifting age demographics around the world
Our latest project for GE is about the striking shifts in age for eight developed nations. A large portion of Japan's population is between 60-64, and as that group grows older, it will have a significant impact on healthcare and the country's economy. A similar spike is seen amongst ages 35-39, which will have a similar effect a generation later.
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