The Robin Hood Foundation

Poverty Tracker

Over the course of several years, Fathom has worked with the Robin Hood Foundation to define and develop an effective digital communication style for their data. We’ve produced many interactive pieces for them that complement and explain various white papers they’ve released, helping to make the data accessible to a broad audience.


  • Data analysis and storyfinding
  • Front-end and back-end implementation
  • Designing for a diverse audience
  • Multi-year partnership

In partnership with Columbia’s Population Research Center, Robin Hood conducts longitudinal surveys and produces reports that quantify what poverty looks like in New York City. As the biggest poverty-fighting organization in New York, they produce these reports to provide a better understanding of, and data-driven insights about, the causes and patterns of poverty in the country’s largest metropolitan area.

Robin Hood originally enlisted Fathom’s expertise in information design to produce an interactive site to complement its first white paper in 2014. Since then, we have worked with them to tell an increasingly nuanced story about poverty and material hardship using their growing collection of data.

The Poverty Tracker site, built and designed by Fathom, serves as an interactive portal that allows users to explore the headlines, understand the methodology, and download the reports. The site has progressed from its first iteration capturing a single survey into a platform where Robin Hood continues to add new data, post additional reports, and create an increasingly robust resource for donors, researchers, city officials, press, and anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of poverty in New York City.