Visualizing a day in the athenahealth network

In partnership with athenahealth, Fathom created a visualization that shows how patients move through their healthcare network. We worked with athenahealth to develop a visual language that spoke to their brand and the high level of activity within their network they wanted to convey.


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Installation application development for long runtimes
  • Front-end and back-end implementation
  • Design of installation, visual interface, and data-driven interaction


  • Convey the real-time nature and complexity of athenahealth's network without being overwhelming
  • Enable users to follow a path of activity through the athenahealth network
  • Create a piece that works well for a lobby space, and is both interesting to watch or explore


  • Built a robust application that could be left on for long periods of time, suitable for a lobby installation
  • Provided guidance on procuring and setting up a machine to run the installation

The interactive application depicts more than ten million patient-to-healthcare interactions over a single day. The graphic shows athenahealth's services, broken up into four color coded parts: from the first office visit (purple), to a patient’s activity on the web portal (orange), to labs and order transactions (blue), and then to processing of insurance claims (green), depicting activity across their entire network.