Icicles of DOOM
“It's ritzy, it's trendy, and it's dripping with danger.”

Turns out we aren't the only ones on icicle death watch: the Newscenter 5 Late crew stopped by last Friday to report on the looming peril gleaming at us from outside our studio window. We were proud to see our UPS guy highlighted and offering his insight on how the situation has unfolded for him in recent days.

But we love the small town reporting, and how the clip screams “Welcome to BOSTON. Population: 418.” Sometimes we're just the smallest 7 million person city out there.

Anyway, about those icicles. Sadly, someone was sent to clear things out (it's unclear whether the building's newfound stardom played a role) by Tuesday:

(Just don't go telling this guy that there's a far more dangerous frozen pole waiting to impale someone — or their illegally parked SUV while they're at the Starbucks on the corner — when that ice-filled gutter gives way.)

As for us, we'll always remember them the way they were, as in this portrait Katy took earlier in the week... *sniff*

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