'All Streets' exhibits in Frankfurt
Marius Watz, curator of  NODE10’s exhibition abstrakt Abstrakt - The Systemized World, recently invited Ben to participate. All Streets, a map of the United States made by marking nothing but the country's roads, is now up at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.

Before the exhibition, Chris and Ben updated the map with new data and scaled it up to its current size of ~67,000 by 42,500 pixels. Chris and Katy then made a test print on the floor at Fathom, assembling 399 sheets of paper (21x19...) with two rolls of tape. Look at them go!

Abstract Abstract is a collaboration between Node10, the vvvv group and Frankfurter Kunstverein. The theme is abstract systems and their effect on society:

"Abstraction systems reproduce the 'world' in a new medium (e.g. the financial system) and have great effect on our lives through complex regulatory circuits. The extensive and powerful autonomy of such systems becomes obvious in moments of their dysfunction, like during the interruption of air traffic due to a scientific simulation of a vulcano cloud, or by the drop of the stock market due to automated computer trade. Under a regime of rationality scientists and engineers become performing agents of this development, and bring ever new abstraction systems (and even abstractions of abstraction systems) into action, empowered by computerization and softwareization."

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