Looking for Computational Research Associate
Fathom and Harvard University are seeking a computational scientist to develop a visualization and analysis dashboard to track the emergence or reemergence of infectious diseases.

This is part of an effort funded by the National Institutes of Health's Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) award directed by Professor Marc Lipsitch at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).

The person will work at Fathom with Dr. Ben Fry in close collaboration with Professor Pardis Sabeti from Harvard University.

The dashboard, currently named VisuaLyzer, will incorporate the best in computational information design as well as the state-of-the-art analysis tools developed to track emerging epidemics. It is designed to identify and explore meaningful relationships between variables within large datasets through rapid, dynamic, and intelligent data exploration. VisuaLyzer’s power to simultaneously analyze and visualize massive amounts of data has important applications in the realm of epidemiology, where there are many large complex datasets collected from around the world, and an important need to discover potential disease-defining factors from within these datasets.

Researchers will be able to use Visualizer to identify variable that may directly, or indirectly, influence disease emergence, characteristics, and interactions, representing a fundamental first step toward a new approach to data exploration. The CDC and HSPH have already employed a VisuaLyzer prototype as a means of investigating the dynamics of disease transmission, and we hope to create a robust dashboard that can be used to analyze outbreaks around the world.

We are seeking someone with a bachelors or advanced degree in math, computer science, engineering or related field. The person will require a strong proficiency in Java and C/C++ and previous experience with statistical analysis of large-scale datasets, data warehousing, bioinformatics resources and visualization tool creation. The candidate must possess good communication skills, an affinity for problem solving, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Please email your application to nih.midas @ gmail.com