When typical is detrimental
Reflecting on visual representations of climate change
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Elaine's summer of research
This summer I researched and analyzed data, learned how to code in p5.js, and participated in the iterative workflow of Fathom. Additionally, I took a trip to the aquarium on my second day of work, practiced building Ikea furniture for the new office, and (unsuccessfully) tried to convince everyone that crumpets are delicious.
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Case Dismissed...or Not
Since 2003, more than 300 innocent people have been wrongfully convicted for drug crimes in Houston, Texas. We partnered with ProPublica on their recent article, "Busted," that delves into the story of one innocent woman, Amy Albritton, who was arrested in 2010 at a traffic stop. She was pressured to plead guilty for drug possession, and to this day lives with a felony conviction for a crime she did not commit. Amy is just one individual representing the outcome of the systemic failures of the U.S. criminal justice system.
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