Generative book covers
This side project is an exploration of lo-fi generative art. My initial idea was to spin up titles for speculative novels  —  a serendipity engine for an imaginary bookshelf. Often, machine learning is used to mimic style and syntax when working generatively with text, but I was curious to see where a looser and less sophisticated process might lead.
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Building a maze typeface
Ok, so I love mazes.

Growing up, I spent most of my time at school embellishing notebook pages with intricate landscapes and labyrinths filled with alien characters. Actually, I still do that. To me, the open-ended nature of mazes expresses something both playful and profound. I recently dove back into mazemaking to explore its potential as a generative typographic form, creating a series of sketches that evolved into a typeface, called Mazeletter.
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To the Moon
Lunar Phases is a sketch that grew from a series of mini-projects I developed with the p5.js variant of Processing. Each sketch was an exercise to practice the language and explore programming concepts as I learned.
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