Clinton Global Initiative 2014
We’re thrilled to announce our latest project for the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. The video, released this morning at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), outlines advancements and setbacks of women and girls over the last twenty years, with particular focus on their access to education and economic participation.

The No Ceilings project is a collaborative effort led by the Clinton Foundation and the Gates Foundation, and it’s committed to using data to evaluate the advancements and challenges facing women and girls since the 1995 UN World Conference.

Our initial data exploration for this year’s CGI centered on educational progress and economic disparities for women and girls. Investing in equal education across genders has positive implications for the health of individuals, communities, and nations as a whole. Further, giving women equal access and participation to educational resources generates greater benefits for national economies. As stated at the conference this morning, “the value of sending your daughter to school is not rocket science.”

Global gap between boys and girls in primary and secondary school education

We’re excited about the project’s commitment to using data to give a comprehensive view of gender equality in the world today. In the words of Melinda Gates, “behind all of these data points are real lives.”

Stay tuned for more on our continued work with No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project.

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