Searching for Spring
Today is March 20, the official first day of spring, and it almost feels like it. This winter in New England has seemed like one of the toughest in years. The cold and snow have been absolutely relentless, and I think everyone is sick of hearing about the Polar Vortex.

In a quest to find some signs of spring, I took a walk yesterday after work to see if there were any flowers or trees budding — I came up completely empty.

Yesterday's exploration covered Beacon Hill, Kenmore Square, Leather District and Brookline, none of which had signs of spring.

I tried again today at lunch. I knew I needed to look a lot closer if I was going to find anything, so I took out a Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Macro lens. I finally found some life budding up, but it wasn't easy.

Sample 5: flora unknown

In continuation of a post we did a while back, It's too gray outside, I decided to see if I could extract some interesting color palettes for inspiration. Using some sample code from generative-gestaltung.de, I modified the Processing sketch that breaks down color by hue, saturation, and brightness, and applied it to the following images.

Here's to spring and uncovering life, color and data samples which are all around us.

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