Ben in “The Big Apple”
Fathom has been doing a lot of work for Nike in the past nine months, in particular with the Nike+ FuelBand and the NikeFuel* data.

Though we’re unable to share information about NikeFuel at the moment, we do some prototype analysis from the publicly available Nike+ API. The API allows us to look at our own NikeFuel data as a metric for comparison, but it also lets us check up on the activity of other members of the Fathom team.

A big part of my role as a designer is storytelling. On Tuesday, October 15, Ben went down to New York City for the announcement of the new Nike+ FuelBand SE. I took a look at his data from the trip and compared it to his NikeFuel earnings on all other days.

I wanted to ask him exactly what he was doing during the highs and lows of his trip to the "Big Apple," but unfortunately Dr. Fry was unavailable for an interview. I took a stab at telling the story of his day. I think it's pretty accurate. See for yourself. View PDF

Press: Nike, INCCNETMashable

*NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities—from a morning workout to a big night out. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter your age, weight or gender, NikeFuel tracks your active life.

Shadowboxing photo credit: CBS Interactive

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