Transportation for Massachussetts Coalition
As debates around the state transportation bill heated up this month, we teamed up with the Transportation for Massachusetts Coalition (T4MA) to create a series of infographics that capture the complexity of the Bay State’s transportation network. Since most of the Fathom team commutes via public transportation (the rest bike to work), we felt strongly about contributing clear and readable graphics that could be used in the course of the T4MA advocacy campaign. We have a vested interest in seeing that network remain in good working order, accessible, and affordable.
A detailed breakdown of where the money goes in a typical budget year.
The Commonwealth Transportation Fund (CTF) is subject to appropriation by the MA legislature, which mandates that revenues be put toward debt before funding the MBTA or the RTAs. In the past, this has meant that there is not enough funding left to maintain a state of good repair (SGR) within the Commonwealth's roads, bridges, and railways.

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