The Latest from Fathom — April/May 2018
As a studio with its fair share of computer nerds, we greatly enjoyed digging into the interview archive of the Computer History Museum. Using code, we extracted dates and entities from the 800+ oral histories to create a personal timeline for each interview.
With this data, we built and designed a demo and a poster that give a cartographic view of the archive by depicting the breadth and density of dates referenced, and highlighting the entities related to each year. Learn more about our process here.

Recently, State Street hosted its annual Global Markets Research Retreat and invited Ben to speak on the importance of visualizing information and building interactive tools to understand data. We also hosted a demo of our interactive installation on the history of finance, which uses data to show changes in growth and complexity.

A few weeks ago, Rachel’s husband Nick was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Thinking of ways to prepare–in addition to brushing up on pop culture and practicing the order of U.S. presidents–Rachel started collecting data on past Millionaire contestants. Check out her findings!

The majority of contestants got the $50,000 question wrong, losing $25,000.

Welcoming Ghosh and Charlie!

Ghosh is an Associate Professor of New Media at Ohio University, and is bringing his excitement for design and code to Fathom for the summer.

Our former intern, Charlie, is rejoining the Fathom team after getting his journalism degree from the University of Connecticut.

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