The Latest from Fathom — March 2018
We’re excited to announce the final launch of Finding Farmland, an affordability calculator we’ve built with the National Young Farmers Coalition over the past few years. Purchasing farmland can be incredibly complex, so we partnered with NYFC to create a platform that breaks down every step of the process. Check out the calculator here.

Recently, we’ve been building prototypes that depict entities, relationships, and dates in large document sets. Heading down the rabbit hole of Glenn Simpson’s Senate testimony, we soon found ourselves digging through the data on Trump-Russia connections. Moving between code, the whiteboard, and hand sketching, we mapped the known relationships, business deals, and meetings between Trump staffers and Russian interests—as of March 23, 2018. Read more about it here, or go straight to the full poster image here.

With China back in the news lately, we found ourselves thinking about Connected China, a 2013 platform we built that helps users understand and explore social ties and political power in China. With the possibility of President Xi Jinping staying in power indefinitely, we took a look at the data from five years ago to reflect on what’s happening now.

What we’re reading

The End of Average by Todd Rose and Luke Harding’s Collusion.

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