Girls Who Code!
This year, Fathom celebrated Pi Approximation Day one of the best ways we know how-- by sharing our love of coding and technology with a visiting Girls Who Code group!

Girls Who Code is an organization that works to combat the growing disparity between men and women pursuing and employed in technology-centric careers. They do this in part by offering summer immersion programs where high school-aged girls learn about the many different aspects of computer science, and then work in teams to design and build a technology product of their choice. One of the cornerstones of this program is exposing the girls to actual tech companies, visiting the offices, and meeting the employees. For the second year in a row, Fathom has had the opportunity to host a GWC group for the afternoon, talk about our role in computer science and technology, and explain why we love it so much!

In addition to showcasing some of our larger projects, we had the girls break into groups to learn about the posters and print shop from James, the Android watch faces from Leslie, and Processing from Dylan. The Raspberry Pi photobooth-- which we built using custom 3D-printed attachments and Processing-- was a huge hit.

During a brief intermission between the scheduled talks and demos, Alex took the opportunity to interview some of the girls for an upcoming episode of the Especially Big Data podcast. So stay tuned for even more stories from our GWC visit, and why we think it's great to "code like a girl!"