A New Beginning

Fathom got started on one floor with just two people and two desks. Eventually our team grew and added a second floor, which became our official conference room. As we continued to grow in numbers, we also continued to explore other interests, often peripherally related to design, development, and analysis. Six years passed, and we realized we were using our conference room simultaneously as a classroom, workshop space, poster shop, 3D printing studio, kitchen, and living room. We knew it was time for a move.

To find a new office that fit our needs, we had to take inventory of our team and our process. We needed to build a space that would allow our team to spread out and grow. I joined the group in March of 2016, with just enough time to get to know everyone before diving head first into a full office move.

Over the course of seven months, from the initial buildout to the move, we put our skills to work: James designed the architecture and layout of the new space. I became an interior designer and spreadsheet extraordinaire. Dylan took over as impromptu moving day coordinator, and everyone became experts at building Ikea furniture. Mark even fessed up to having spent a few years working as a moving coordinator for corporate offices.

We’re excited to see what unfolds in the new space as we continue to explore our projects and curiosities, and expand our team in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Stay tuned for new visitors, talks, classes, workshops, and an amazing data-driven mural by our resident doodler, Rachel.

I’m especially grateful to work with such a talented and dynamic team and can’t wait to see what’s next for Fathom.

Founded in 2010 by Ben Fry, Fathom Information Design works with clients to understand complex data through interactive tools and software for mobile devices, the web, and large format installations. Out of its studio in Boston, Fathom partners with Fortune 500s and non-profit organizations across sectors, including health care, education, financial services, media, technology, and consumer products.

How can we help? hello@fathom.info.