Peep in Tau

Fathom, 2014

Download Peep in Tau for Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux.


Download the Android version from the Google Play Store.

The traditional definition of the best known mathematical number, the circle constant, set its value to the ratio between the circle’s circumference and its diameter. The lowercase Greek letter pi has been used to represent it starting sometime around the 18th century, and it stuck.

But as many people point out, this choice of value can be confusing and unnatural. Many voices have been gradually raised over the years, advocating for a more natural definition of the circle constant based on its radius, rather than the diameter, and therefore setting the new constant at 2π, or 6.283185… This would simplify multiple formulas across mathematics, physics and several other disciplines. It would also make measuring angles and periodicity far more intuitive.

The lowercase letter τ was proposed as its new flag, kicking off the Tau movement, and gaining increasing momentum and followers ever since.

And now, half tau months after the initial release of Peek in Pi, we are excited to present you with Peep in Tau. It’s a new turn on our celebrated app, but instead lets you search for any number in the digits of τ.

And just right in time for Tau Day on 6/28! Read more about how we celebrated.

You can download the Android phone or tablet version now from Google Play.  Also available are the desktop versions for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. (Given the negative experience of dealing with Apple and the Peek in Pi app—and frankly, any iOS app we’ve ever submitted to the store—we’re not bothering with an iOS version.)

Oh, and by the way, did you know there is a 99.995% chance you can find any 7-digit number in its first 100 million digits of Tau? You can read more here.

Happy searching!