Launching the Mirador Data Competition!
Today we are announcing the Mirador Data Competition, the goal of which is to make discoveries in large and complex public datasets. The good news is we have been developing a program to help you make these discoveries, it's called Mirador.

The competition is from September 28th to October 28th, mark your calendars. During this time you can continue to upload findings to your user account from the app. Visit the competition page for complete instructions on how to get started.

The Sabeti Lab is offering cash prizes for the top three findings, which will be chosen by a jury of experts in the respective domains of each dataset.

The official Mirador Data Competition video, check it out below:

We have chosen four public datasets in the areas of health, sports, and global development:

Each one of these datasets is very rich in complex relationships between literally thousands of variables, and even though some of them have been extensively studied by specialists, there is more to be discovered. We also want to highlight the importance of open data as an enabler for transparency and public participation in research, governance, journalism, and economics, just to name a few areas. Please visit the competition website, create an account, and start exploring correlations to win cash prizes!

Last, but not least, we would like to thank the work of our summer interns at the Broad Institute, Mahan Nekoui, who implemented the user submission system, and Tom Silver, who created the intro video.