A visit from BU, part two.
It’s been exactly a year since Professor Kristen Coogan's Information Design class from Boston University came by for a visit, so we were glad to have them back for another tour in 2013. While it was a bummer that two members of the “dad” side of our office were out sick today, their empty chairs fortunately allowed us to accommodate seating for our 16 guests. Once everyone got settled on the third floor, Katy and Terrence began an overview of some of the work we’ve been cooking up in the past year.
Katy, Terrence and the folks from BU gathered on the second floor for a photo-op. Ben managed a narrow escape from the camera frame...

From the tools we use to the types of projects we like to pursue, we covered all the bases of our work during the visit. Katy chatted about projects like translating complex budget information into simplified input/output graphics for T4MA; the interwoven process of data journalism, design, and development for Connected China; and her latest project redesigning child health records for both the digital and print world. Terrence also described our work with Thomson Reuters on global environmental and social governance policies, and his mapping project that played with the tension between geographic integrity and real-world navigability. As we briefed the students on the importance of documenting our process, they also got a glimpse of our careers in hand modeling.

All in all it was a great morning, and we were glad to have the BU students in to mix things up. Best of luck to all of you, and we hope you come back around this time in 2014!

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