Some thoughts on where visualization is going
Mac Slocum, managing editor of O'Reilly Media interviewed Ben at the Where 2.0 conference.

They talked about how the field of visualization is changing, the growing literacy and how the field, like writing, is taking on different roles for different contexts:

Q: A point that's often raised...These tools put in in the hands of the wrong people will spreads misinformation. What's your take on that?

A: I think it's kind of funny... The same argument has been made with any technological leap since the beginning of time. Books printed in mass had a similar reaction. The internet came along and everybody could post things on the internet and wouldn't that be the end of the world... The important thing is to focus on the literacy aspect of it. The more that people are doing the work—it all kind of goes to improve the conversation of what's good, bad useful and what's not.

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