Responsive Design and David Beckham
Ever since the spectacle that was the 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremony, I’ve had an image of Sir David Beckham — captaining a jet boat down the river Thames delivering the Olympic torch while fireworks explode upon his arrival — as my desktop wallpaper. His face staring at me has been my daily dose of reality. It has challenged me to be a better person and shoot for excellence each and every day. I realize I can’t keep this inspiration all to myself, I need to share this majesty with the world, so you too can achieve more.

I’ve been reading Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design and decided to create single serving website to test out some CSS that’s just as dynamic as Sir DB. Note, my benchmark for "dynamic" is not all that dynamic. Nevertheless, now you can give yourself a daily dose of reality on any device wherever you are.

Check it out on your mobile device: fathom.info/beckham