James speaks at SATE Conference

This past fall I spoke at the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) SATE conference at Carnegie Mellon University. SATE stands for Storytelling, Architecture, Technology and Experience — the core elements of themed entertainment — and by “themed entertainment” they mean amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Studios, among others.

TEA has posted my talk, “Technology Unleashed”, if you’re interested in watching.

Presenting in front of a massive screen at the SATE conference.
Presenting in front of a massive screen at the SATE conference.

SATE is a two day conference dedicated to exploring how their core elements can be used to create meaningful places, experiences, and events. I was asked to speak about how data visualization can be integrated into Experience Design. Being an industry outsider, it was interesting to speak to an audience that is less familiar with data visualization, and the ways it can be translated into experience design within the park architecture, behind the scenes, and after visitors leave the parks.

There were a lot of other great speakers, take a look:

“Experience in the Age of Big Data” – Joshua Jeffery

“Social Action Unleashed” – Anna Musun Miller

“Avoid the Penny” – Adam Bezark

It was a great conference. Thanks to the team at TEA for having me.

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