Clinton Global Initiative 2015
A few weeks ago, we released No Ceilings 2.0 in conjunction with the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting. Along with refurbishing the design on the landing page, we created a new visualization optimized for an installation setting. The visualization measures the change—or lack thereof—of the gender gap in labor force participation over the last twenty years. In addition, we released country snapshots, which provide an overview of the status of girls and women in each country.

With a large installation set up, we were excited to share the latest site with meeting attendees and other passersby. The new visualization enables users to see both women's and men's labor force participation organized by the size of the gender gap, or by participation levels of either gender. Clicking play at the bottom shows how participation has changed over time. There's been notable progress in, say, the Maldives, where the gap has more than halved from 46% to 21% in the last two decades. Conversely, Afghanistan's gap has crawled from 66% to a meager 64% in the last twenty years.

Sharing the No Ceilings site with meeting attendees

The country snapshots enable users to get a glance of the state of girls and women in areas of health, education, economic participation, security, and leadership. In addition to showing evident gains and setbacks, the snapshots also show areas where there is missing data. For the indicators surrounding women's security, only a third of countries actually have information available.

Checking out the country snapshots

We made a number of design decisions to accommodate the site for an installation setting. Understanding how the site would scale on a 70 inch touch display, function without hover, and cater to an audience ranging from four to seven feet tall (even former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, at 7'2", stopped by to give the site a whirl) were just a few of the many considerations we had to make when tweaking the design for the installation.

Overall CGI made for a wonderful opportunity to bring No Ceilings to a diverse audience, and a more tangible interactive setting. Stay tuned for more updates!