Girls Who Code
Last Friday, we had a chapter of Girls Who Code, a group of 20 girls between the ages of 15-18, in the studio for a visit. They shared great tips on how a succulent garden could really liven up our studio space, and gave a convincing discourse on why the chocolate chip is superior to the raisin, but more importantly they asked tons of really thoughtful and insightful questions about our projects, process, and goals here at Fathom.

Girls Who Code is a national organization working to close the gender gap in technology and engineering by giving girls the skills and resources needed to pursue opportunities in computing fields. We were lucky enough to have the group of twenty in our office. They were a bright, motivated, and making some serious headway through their summer coding curriculum.

Their visit was particularly relevant given our ongoing work on No Ceilings, which measures the progress and challenges facing women and girls around the world. As we've spent many an afternoon discussing explanations for the dearth of girls pursuing math and science, it was really exciting to see so many girls fired up about coding.

Thanks again to the Girls Who Code group for taking the time to swing by (and roll-y chair through) our office last week. Their curiosity, excitement, and zeal to learn code through the summer were certainly something worth aspiring towards.

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