Some gifts that keep giving
We aren't a poster company, but over the years our love of print has driven us to design a collection of printed artifacts (see Scaled in Miles, All StreetsDencity, and Frankenfont). Our print explorations often occur alongside client work, and reflect the range of interests (and occasionally obsessions) of folks around the office. We donate all of the print-generated proceeds to charities.
Through Donors Choose, we helped schools purchase materials that we also enjoy using, like a projector. Here's one of the thank-you letters from a sixth grader in Philadelphia.

A large portion of this year's sales traffic came from a post on Reddit, a radio appearance on BBC Radio, and write-ups from WIRED, FastCo and Quartz. We're thankful for the interest they've sparked, along with all of those who have generated traffic by word-of-mouth (or tweets). Any sharing of our printed work directly impacts the amount we're able to give away.

We've made a point this year to donate to communities both at home and abroad. Read on to learn about the local, national, and international organizations we've selected for this year's donations.


  • Girls Rock Boston empowers girls through musical education and performance (they're like the movie School of Rock, but even more badass).
  • Food for Free distributes fresh produce to underserved communities in Boston (if you haven't noticed, we're enthusiastic about urban farming).
  • Somerville Homeless Coalition provides housing services, emergency shelters, food assistance, and case management to our local stomping grounds.


  • Donors Choose supports classrooms in high poverty districts with STEM-related books and art supplies (we're talking textbooks, crayons, 3D printers, the whole works).


  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) gives emergency aid to those affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion, and natural or man-made disasters.
  • Congo Medical Relief supports families of healthcare workers lost in the fight against Ebola (some of the heroes that worked with our friend, Pardis Sabeti).
  • Save the Children has a fund for helping children affected by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.
  • Mercy Corps was on the ground in Nepal before the recent earthquakes, and their relief efforts are providing food, water, and other emergency supplies to survivors.

Some students sent us drawings of the art supplies they received (Donors Choose).

On behalf of the organizations in this year's lineup, thank you for all for your orders! To learn about our donations in other years, see our previous post.

If you're interested in purchasing a print, check out the 3rd floor (prints we stock and ship from our studio), All Streets collection (printed on demand in California), and Frankenfont (printed on demand from Blurb).*

Thanks again from all of us at Fathom, and stay tuned for the next print in our collection.

*As of 2022, we no longer sell our posters online, but office visitors may get a special goodie bag...

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