Powering the Kitchen

GE, 2011

Using their line of smart home energy products, GE tracked five major sources of kitchen energy use in a typical American household for one month. We created a tool for exploring the results that was installed on large-format touchscreens at the 2011 Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. The tool has also been adapted for online use.

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know how much energy your kitchen appliances are using? You will, with Brillion technology, which can connect your appliances to a smart meter that you can access via your computer or mobile device. The visualization was originally developed as a touchscreen application for the Consumer Electronics Show, but now you can explore this web version to learn more about how appliances in a sample home consumed energy over the course of a month.

About this Data

The data utilized in this application comes from a sample household equipped with Brillon technology over one month’s time.