National Geographic

Space Monkeys & Tiger Wine: A look at global animal trade

Built for National Geographic, Space Monkeys & Tiger Wine: A Look at Global Animal Trade explores the quantity, purpose, and primary locations of trade for thousands of animal species around the globe.


  • Data analysis and storyfinding
  • Front-end and back-end implementation
  • Design of visual interface and data-driven interaction

Between the exchange of duck livers for homeopathic flu medication, ground turtle shells for anti-aging remedies, and deer glands for their fragrant musk, more than 27 million animals were traded worldwide in 2013 for reasons you’ve possibly (and we had certainly) never imagined.

The final visualization breaks down the quantity of trade at different levels of the taxonomic hierarchy, as well as displaying the primary importers and exporters of each animal. In addition, users can explore the purposes behind the trade of each animal, such as medicinal use, garment production, scientific research, or food consumption.