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Compass Dashboard for MA
10 years of Flu
South Korea Contact Tracing
Huddle App (Scout Alpha)
Lookout DPS Demo
Lookout - Public school sketches
Lookout – Early campus sketches
Huddle/Beacon for Harvard
Huddle concepts - Paul's sketches
Beacon concepts for the Broad
RDT Mobile App Demo
CMU Lookout – Initial deployment
Case Timelines in Lookout V1
Paul’s DPH app sketches
Sequencing tree demo (Mark's sketch on white)
Sequence viewer (Ben's original tool updated for COVID)
Genome exploder
Chelsea, MA - network of tools
AUL concepts
Lookout for SMA
CMU Lookout updates - Case Map
CMU Lookout updates - Dorm Map
CMU Commencement
CMU Lookout - Baseline Testing
Early Banyan – Tree and Map
Early Banyan – Trends
Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta comparison chart
Scout – native apps
Campus spread sketch (Tim + Libby)
Koby's weather report sketches
Peacock mutations + tree demo
Hawaii concepts for Lookout
California Lookout Demo
CMU Updates - Wastewater
CMU Updates - Sequencing
CMU updates - Testing charts
Paul's concept sketches - Adjancency
Paul's concept sketches - Sylvo concept
Paul's concept sketches - Treemap explorer
Paul's concept sketches - Overstory
Paul's concept sketches - Weather report
Paul's concept sketches - Phylomapper
Pyr0 in Sequencing Viewer
Operation Outbreak demo
Operation Outbreak Dashboard
CMU Peacock Outbreak Tree Sketch
Sequence batches mutation comparison
Lassa data sketch
Sequences on Black series
Banyan tools - Python Notebook
Banyan tools - Mutations
Banyan tools - Crosscut
Banyan tools - Lamina
Lookout 2.0
Lookout updates - Floorplans (Dorms)
Lookout updates - Sequencing
Lookout concepts for Nigeria
Mutations + sequencing in depth in Lookout (Libby’s grid sketches)
Lassa in Lookout
Multiple diseases in Lookout
Lookout - Case management
Lookout - Mini EHR
Bird’s eye demo
Outbreak Tracking concepts (Aug 23)
Daily Trees in Lookout
Outbreak Watch (Paul mockup)
Outbreak evolution in Lookout - Static comps
Outbreak evolution in Lookout - demo