Introducing: the Nora Explora
She has written over 200 books, over 100 of which were New York Times best sellers, has an astounding 280 million books in print, and is credited with bringing romance novels into the modern age — filling their interiors with capable and intelligent women, and filling their covers with a notable lack of, well, you know.

And yet Nora Roberts just might be the most famous author you've never heard of, in a genre you never talk about. On this day when we celebrate all things romantic, Fathom would like to change that.

Introducing the Nora Explora:

It's a handy place to explore more than 200 books, in over 30 series, from the Nora Roberts library. We also like this excellent interview from CBS Sunday Morning.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Editors Note: No romance novels were harmed in the production of this tool, but we might have permanently scarred Mark, who very gallantly dove into hot pink css and heart svgs over the last few days to make the Nora Explora possible. We owe him some beer. Data was sourced from a combination of the Google Books and Library Thing APIs, as well as the official Nora Roberts website.