Fathom Watch Faces

Google, 2015

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Fathom Watch Faces is a collection of experimental watch faces for the Android Wear collection, which is part of the Google Android Experiments. The experiments are designed to bring developers together on a common platform to push the capabilities of Android tablets, phones, and watches. Our series focused on using the internal components of the watches, such as their accelerometers and pedometers, to create delightful user feedback at every glance, and to explore the information people can gain from a wearable device attached to their wrists.


Coubertin Rings
The Coubertin Rings watch face uses built-in sensors to display daily step counts, and motivate users to improve their daily activity.

Bouncing Isaac
The Bouncing Isaac model is an experiment with light and physics, using the watch’s built-in sensors to display playful, interactive, geometric patterns and colors that change throughout the day.

Gaze Effect
The Gaze Effect watch face is a quirky reference to self-awareness, and our relationship to personal devices and time.