, quantified.

If your browser supported the canvas tag, the image above would be interactive. We have had pretty good luck with Google Chrome.

Just how much fun are we having?

Fathom, April 2013

On a recent trip to Disney World, my family and I tracked the time we spent in the parks, waiting in line, and on the rides. In the visualization above, pink shows when we waited for each ride or at the gate each morning, the fun stuff is in dark blue, and light blue shows when we were just hanging out in the park snacking or relaxing. You can move the mouse over a park or ride to see the actual time spent.

You can also click on the "By Park" button to see totals for how we spent our time at Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot center, and Animal Kingdom, and Universal's Islands of Adventure. Hovering over a park or ride will show how we spent our time there, and in the upper right you can see the fun ratios for each of us. You can read more about the grumpiness behind the app here.